Some Anglican parishes have an ACW (Anglican Church Women) or BAC (Brotherhood of Anglican Churchman) group. In those parishes, ACW and BAC groups often play a large role in parish fundraising. In our church we do not separate the men and the women. Instead, we have a Parish Activities Committee or PAC. The Goal of our PAC is to oversee all parish fundraising and fellowship activities. Every parishioner is a member and welcomed to attend any meetings or volunteer at any event. This is a great aspect of community in our parish. Our PAC concept encourages each and every member to be involved. It is heartening at big events to see people of any age or gender all working together for a common goal!

     Our PAC plans and executes; the Spring Yard Sale, the Fall bazaar, Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper, Holy Rollers meat pie making and any other fundraising or special events that come up.  Some of our church events are so ambitious that there are separate committees to oversee them. For example our annual Golf Tournament is a huge undertaking with a separate committee. The main event of the PAC year is the Annual Turkey Dinner, held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Each year 80 - 90 volunteers take part in serving over 500 dinners. The Turkey Dinner is a spectacular, very well run event that grows in attendance every year.

Do you have an idea for the PAC?

 Your voice is important and you are a member by virtue of belonging to this parish.

If you would like to be more actively involved in the PAC please call the church office.